Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Zhongguancun provoked outrage earlier retail report layout Huang Guangyu

CSC in a sales department of streets in the stock detail to the bill, part of the proof of the Commission for Huang Guangyu of listed companies in Zhongguancun (000931.SZ) restructuring, asset replacement in the unusual transactions suspected of illegal narrative.

Pretending to retail distribution in advance

Source before "First Financial Daily" to produce the right bill, this fund accounts for the 25128419 account named Bin on September 6, 2007 account registration, immediately on Sept. 10, 2007, 11, transferred from the bank nearly 15 million yuan capital stock account, and in this and subsequent 12 days to buy all of Zhongguancun, the cost price of 12-13 yuan, after 8 months did not move without any transaction.

At that time, Zhongguancun is in desperate occasion, one side is guaranteed a total of 3.39 billion yuan for CDMA hard to resolve the issue, one side is 590 million yuan of bank loans in China have long overdue, Zhongguancun has repeatedly drawn the attention of investors announced the investment risk.

Why is this 15 million yuan funds to lightning speed rush into a seemingly "junk shares" of stock? Month later with the answer, show that 15 million yuan of funds "foresight." October 8 announced that the next suspension will Zhongguancun Science and Technology-based real estate industry, the largest shareholder Peng Investment Co., Ltd. Thailand into real estate projects under discussion, October 17 Pengtai Investment real estate projects into the Commitment Letter issued, a basic stock of Zhongguancun surface will be a qualitative change.

This is Huang Guangyu the manipulator and its related companies are offering for the speculation of the park's "individual" one account, with real estate projects and advance into the layout. The insider said: "September 2007, Huang Guangyu's real estate company who came to Shenyang, classmates said, opening dozens of ID cards to borrow to buy securities account Zhongguancun, funds from the grounds that there is insider information, Huang Guangyu real estate projects will be injected into Zhongguancun, which is excellent buying opportunity, and said dispersion of a number of accounts is not prone to buying the attention of regulators. "

Provoke outrage retail report

External acts of individual accounts is only speculation of a Covering Force, as with the broader market fell and the Zhongguancun into the behavior of real estate projects canceled, until June 2008, the account is not time to withdraw the funds. "Sure enough, after the suspension is to inject real estate projects, but later canceled Zhongguancun into real estate projects, said that Gome stores to inject Zhongguancun, not into the triple Trading Company (600898.SH). Purpose is to stabilize these external retail accounts , and other Rat account does not withdraw, in order to ensure a smooth core manipulator of the account to withdraw funds, then the operator instead are focused on closing out cell phone together, can only be issued with a new laptop manipulator. "

Indeed, a number of retail investors has been stabilized, and inadvertently played a "pick-up" role. Huang Guangyu and management of all men resume trading opened in early May after the Zhongguancun high-profile child care prices, claiming that price is a floor price of Zhongguancun, but also to 14 yuan, "It is for this that I continue to buy and firmly held, so far loss of nearly one million. "individual investors double-park on the newspaper ink, said.

Such investors everywhere to securities regulators and public security departments to report and Zhongguancun investors with Huang Guangyu. Securities and Futures Commission said last week will continue to receive these reports, material transfer supplementary investigation by public security organs.

A source close to the SFC audit departments who last week told the FT: "It is investors continued to report complaints, eventually led to the fate of Huang Guangyu today. Although the Commission by the end of April this year began investigating unusual trading in Zhongguancun, but Huang Guangyu If successfully injected into the real estate project in Zhongguancun, investors may not be so deceived the feeling will not insist on reporting. Huang Guangyu to everyone learned is that the so-called capital of gamers, never provoke outrage in the market to do bad things. "

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